Stefania Macchia

Head of Asset Management

Stefania has been working in the real estate sector with Clemente di Paola for more than 15 years, gaining considerable experience in planning and developing operations for the acquisition, sale and management of large real estate assets, both private and public. In particular, she focused on real estate funds, taking on growing responsibilities in property, asset and fund management and overseeing the investment/disinvestment policies implemented by decision-making bodies.

Among the main real estate transactions, the following are worth mentioning: the FIP Fund – Public Real Estate Fund, with a contribution/transfer worth of approximately €4 billion for over 350 assets; Investire Residenziale 1 and 2 Real Estate Funds, with the purchase and sale of over 7,000 residential real estate units for a total value of about €1 billion.

In the public sector, Stefania has developed processes and procedures for the enhancement of public property assets in collaboration with other institutions, designing and launching two remote operating platforms.

She has previously held roles of responsibility in real estate in leading companies such as the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, Investire SGR, Agenzia del Demanio and IPI spa.



Clemente Di Paola

Clemente Di Paola Founder

Clemente ha più di 25 anni di esperienza nei settore del real estate e della finanza, maturata in Italia e all’estero.

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Stefania Macchia

Stefania Macchia Head of Asset Management

Stefania, da oltre 15 anni nel settore del real estate al fianco di Clemente di Paola, ha maturato una notevole esperienza nella strutturazione e sviluppo di operazioni di acquisizione...

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Alessandro Perrucci

Alessandro Perrucci Chief Financial Officer

Alessandro ha maturato una notevole e solida esperienza nell'area Amministrazione e Finanza nel settore immobiliare e del risparmio gestito.

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