Originating from an intuition of  Clemente Di Paola, Atlantica Real Estate was established in December 2014, its mission being to create a new independent Italian platform, capable of providing real estate advisory and asset management services to Italian and foreign investors.

Today, Atlantica can rely on a highly professional team with solid experience in the field of real estate and finance and a track record developed with the major players, Italy’s biggest Asset Management Companies as well as institutional and public investors.

Thanks to its team synergy, industrial expertise and fast investment analysis process, Atlantica is the ideal partner for any investor looking for quick investments in a favourable market scenario, with a view to creating stable value in the medium and long term.

the Values

In Atlantica, values are constant inspiration:integrity, independence and responsibility in sharing our choices with the investor

Atlantica focuses on the aspects which are necessary to support the investor along an an-hoc path, in an often complex market. Its distinctive features are:

• Team expertise, strongly focused and characterised by deep knowledge of the real estate industry, with a track record developed during its most remarkable transactions involving major players in the market

• A consolidated network of relationships with institutional entities involved in property sale plans (banks, insurance, investment funds, public administrations, private individuals), which will enable Atlantica to privilege those transactions in which the investment process can be managed directly with the seller

• Execution speed, also thanks to consolidated relationships with real estate service companies, in the company’s areas of specialisation (valuation, due diligence, property and facility mgmt, etc.)


Atlantica offers a trophy asset allocation strategy to created stable value over time and allowing investment diversification and modulation in line with the investor’s risk/return profile, offering interventions in the different property’s clusters:

Value Added

Prestigious properties in major urban centres, also with a significant vacancy rate, in need of enhancement and transformation to bring out their potential in the medium term.


Residential / office / retail properties in prestigious central areas, with specific characteristics in terms of location, condition and type making them of immediate interest for end users through fractional sale.


Properties with low risk and stable income and value over time, characterised by:
•Tenants of primary standing
• Long term contracts
• New construction and high energy performance